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What is a CMA? CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is used to determine the current and fair market value of your property based on location, feature, specifications, condition, highest and best use. I compare similar homes in your neighbourhood which have recently sold or are currently for sale.

Why is CMA Important? A house offered for sale generates the most interest in the first few days it is listed. If the house is worth the asking price, then people will keep track of it-even if there are a multitude of listings available. Listing a house too high to start with will make your home take months to sell. The longer a house is on the market, the mores people think there is something fundamentally wrong with it. In many instances sellers receive less money than they’d priced it properly from day one.

Picking a Realtor because he/she suggest the highest listing price is probably the worst thing you can do. Pick a Realtor because that person knows how to price a property correctly and can justify it to you using market comparables.

Call me for a free home evaluation, I will offer you advises on suggested sale price, improvements that can increase property value, cost associated with selling tax issues and the home selling process.