I was born in Dalian, China, a beautiful peninsula surrounded by ocean and mountains. I grew up in a big family with three generations living together. With 11 family members in the household, my childhood was filled with much joy and love. When I was 12 I got my very first job as a leading role in a TV episode. Since then I started my actress and model career, and received few awards in modeling competitions. At the age of 16 I attended an English speech contest and was honored to study in America for three weeks. I visited many universities there and was deeply attracted by what North American universities have to offer. In 2007 I came to Vancouver on my own to pursue my communication degree at Simon Fraser University.

When my family helped me to purchase my first home in Vancouver, I developed great interest in the real estate industry. I thought real estate agent is such an amazing profession because they help people with the biggest financial commitment in their lives. I then became a licensed Realtor® in 2009. Since then I have worked with few top producing real estate teams in the Greater Vancouver area to enrich my knowledge.

Why choose Ava to be your Realtor®

I am very proud to be a mother of two lovely young girls. The experience of motherhood has brought me so many priceless gifts that outshine me as a Realtor®. As a mother I mastered the skills of time management, communication, organization, and dedication. As a mother I learned to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of my own, to develop patience and to do the right thing. As your Realtor®, I don’t want to be a salesperson, but a salesfriend that will assist you in every detail of your real estate journey along with my honest, sincere and hard-working personality. As your Realtor®,I will look after your best interest at heart, put your concern as priority and achieve your goal in the shortest time possible. As your Realtor®,If you tell me your dream, I will turn it into reality.

ava jiang Bio

Redfin is a  Seattle-based tech-powered real estate brokerage founded in 2004. It offers a website and a mobile app which enable users to buy and sell a home. The company leverages Redfin Estimate, a calculation of the market value of an individual home, Book It Now, a service for requesting a tour with a real estate agent, and Redfin 3D Walkthrough, a feature that provides an interactive view inside a home. Redfin combines an online model, in which consumers can browse homes and take virtual tours, and an offline model, in which real-estate agents whom the company employs meet with the home shoppers and take them to tour properties. Redfin builds its own brokerage software and uses machine learning to recommend listings and answer users’ questions. The site also gives sellers advice on marketing their residences and uses its algorithms to calculate what the home is worth. In Vancouver, Redfin will sell homes for just a 1 percent listing fee and refund a portion of its commission to its home-buying clients. 


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